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Truly inspiring article pointing the way towards a system of land use management that works much better for all members of society. There intelligence and integrity of Lee Kuan Yew and his advisers shines forth.

Do you have any ideas of how a 'build to rent' model could benefit from this experience in Australia. I'm thinking that it would be beneficial to avoid subdivision but to enable homeowners to capture some of the increase in value of a house if they look after it. I would desire to exclude cars from the vicinity of dwellings, allow for work and home in a two story shophouse (old Singapore style) and include vehicle free common land in front of dwellings to allow kids to play safely and move throughout a village of say 2000 people. It's desirable to facilitate worker mobility, should they need to move to another district for employment purposes.

One of the big problems associated with urban sprawl in Australia, associated with housing that requires both partners to work, is its effect on children that shows up as indiscipline in schools. So, working from home and being able to secure most things that one needs locally, is an attractive proposition. And it might improve the birth rate.

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